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Matthew Nierenberg was born April 23, 1990, and lived every moment of his life to the fullest extent. His sudden passing on July 8, 2008 shocked our family to the core.  Matthew brought an astonishing amount of happiness into many lives.  He was the person that never failed to ignite a room with his smile upon entering, a smile so prominent that you could definitely feel his wonderful passion for life.  You could see how warm hearted he was by simply looking into his eyes.  Matthew’s legacy is remembered for making people laugh.  All you needed was a few minutes in his company for him to make a positive impact and lifelong impression on you.  Matt’s humorous disposition made you feel more alive and compassionate. He was the person to brighten the mood even on somber days.

Matthew graduated in June 2008 from Tottenville High school, Staten Island, New York, he was set to leave for The U.S Navy Boot camp early 2009.  His career choice followed his heart and ambition to serve and help others in need.  It is very important to our family that Matthew’s extraordinary personality be honored, remembered and celebrated, and equally important bring joy to others.

In memory and honor of our brother, we have formed The Matthew Nierenberg Memorial Foundation, a non profit organization committed and dedicated to helping others Our primary mission is to provide an annual scholarship to a deserving youth.  The Matthew Nierenberg “Heart of Gold” Scholarship is a fund that will be awarded to a senior high school student for use in continuing education.  The scholarship will be awarded to the student that exemplifies Matt’s persona best.  To support our cause, we will be hosting events and fundraisers, you can also follow us on Facebook.

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